¿Cuál es su definición de felicidad?

Un horizonte despejado.

Tener sólo desvelos sobre asuntos creativos y no destructivos…

Soy muy sensible, no puedo soportar las peleas. Una palabra áspera, dicha por una persona cercana, me persigue durante días. Sé que sólo somos humanos y no podemos evitar esas emociones negativas.

Pero cuando las preocupaciones se retiran, y puedes mirar hacia delante y el camino está libre y vas a crear algo: entonces eres tan feliz como un hombre puede llegar a ser.


Mr. Hitchcock, what is your definition of happiness?

Alfred Hitchcock:

A clear horizon — nothing to worry about on your plate, only things that are creative and not destructive and that’s withing yourself.  Within me I can’t bear quarreling, I can’t bear feelings between people. I think hatred is wasted energy and it’s all non-productive. I’m very sensitive.  A sharp word, said by a person who has a temper, if they’re close to me, hurts me for days. I know we’re only human, we do go in for these various emotions, call them negative emotions but when all these are removed and you can look forward, and the road is clear ahead, and now you’re going to create something.  I think that’s as happy as I would ever want to be.

This is an excerpt from Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s interview ‘A Talk with Alfred Hitchcock.’ This 1964 interview of Hitchcock was part of the CBC television series Telescope with host-director Fletcher Markle. ‘A Talk with Alfred Hitchcock.’ En Youtube “Hitchcock’s Definition of Happiness” https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=11&v=14dOICbwSIs